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Madeleine Round Sofa

$ 9,818.00

The Madeleine Round Sofa is a highly distinctive and sophisticated showpiece of a classic style revival.  Fresh in design and uncompromising in detail.  

Bright, light, and feminine, pleasant and pretentious, this decor piece accompanies the rise of bourgeoisie pleasuring all courting couples and their chaperones.  

Madeleine is shown here in cotton satin Desert with black matte lacquer legs.


Unique To You 

Handmade by skilled artisans.
Imported from Portugal
Color, leather and customization available for an upcharge.  


Please contact customer service for more information.  



Width:  71.3"
Height:  38.2"
Seat Height:  16.9" 
Depth:  71.3"

Weight:  187.4 lbs